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Amanda C

Simply Music Piano and Clarinet Lessons

Anyi C

Piano Lessons

Arjun G

Violin and Viola Lessons

Ava W

Voice and Piano Lessons

Cassie D

Violin and Viola Lessons

Diane C

Simply Music Piano Lessons

Ellynne P

Voice and Piano Lessons

Gianni L

Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

James B

Piano Lessons

Jamie F

Piano and Trumpet Lessons

Jenn L

Flute, Sax, Clarinet, and Play-a-Story Lessons

Julia G

Voice Lessons

Kenny O

Drum Lessons

Liz A

Voice, Piano and Play-a-Story Lessons

Michelle O

Piano Lessons

Mike G

Guitar, Ukulele and Piano Lessons

Richard N

Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin and Songwriting

Scott C

Piano, Clarinet



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Simply Music is a unique, play-based piano method designed for ages 6 thru adult. Students initially learn songs by pattern (not by ear or rote) before learning to read music, similar to how we learn to speak before learning to read or write. Simply Music draws on a repertoire of Classical, Jazz & Blues, Contemporary and Accompaniment pieces, teaching students to play with both hands together from the very first piece. 

Play-a-Story Piano is an age-appropriate and creative way for young children (ages 4-6) to learn basic piano skills. This improvisatory approach explores sound and visuals as students travel through a storybook world, creating their own soundtrack to the story.

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